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Getting Outside at Hillside in 2021

Getting Outside at Hillside in 2021

Luxury Turkish Resort offers bespoke walking treks and guided e-bike tours to help guests explore the historic region of Fethiye.

Tucked into an idyllic cove of green and blue hues on the south coast of Turkey, Hillside Beach Club has the best in swimming, hiking, biking, climbing and culture on its doorstep. This year, the resort introduced several new routes to its popular ‘Hillside Outside’ scheme, encouraging guests to make the most of the great outdoors and explore the stunning natural landscapes that encompass the resort.  

The hotel has introduced e-bikes for 2021, both to aid environmental efforts and provide an efficient method of exploring mystical Fethiye. Whether travelling by foot or wheel, guests can now sign up for a customised tour of the local region, discovering the ancient city of Kayaköy or the mystical Af Kule Monastery. For those looking to see the best of the sites with less of the hikes, ‘Hillside Outside’ also offers a relaxing sunset tour that touches on 12 of the surrounding Turkish islands.  

After a year with too much time spent indoors, guests can get finally back to nature (and history) with exciting treks to Kayakoy Ghost town. Kayakoy is a 'ghost village' with ancient stone houses, uninhabited from when the Greeks left Turkey in the great population exchange of the 1920s.  Set off in the morning for a day of adventure and find a delicious breakfast waiting on your return. Think freshly ground Turkish coffee and traditional Gözleme - stuffed Turkish flatbreads cooked over an open fire. 

Guests can embark on the hike as the sun goes down and discover a sunset picnic waiting at the end of the journey. All excursions are accompanied by a professional guide to divulge the magical history of the area and guests wishing to discover more about the local people, flora and fauna of the region can extend their hikes to the ruins of Af Kule, a monastery carved into the cliff by monks in the 18th century. With the heady scent of sage, oregano and wild thyme; spotting flowers, birds and wildlife and the distant sounds of goat bells, the ruins promise to transport visitors to another world.

The complete list of Hillside treks: via foot or e-bike is as follows:
•    Kayaköy Ghost town route: An easy and accessible route for fitness pros and newbies alike, complete with a local Turkish breakfast.
•    Kayaköy – Afkule Route: Striking views are matched with amazing wildflowers peeping out from rocks in the path. 
•    Kayaköy – Turunç Hills Route: At the end of this route guests will find a sunset picnic curated by the Hillside team.
•    A private tour to Kirme – Ölüdeniz Route: Stretching roughly 6 km, this tour takes about half a day to complete. Expect breathtaking views and a series of natural lagoons, perfect for cooling off mid-hike or cycle.
•    Afkule Monastery – Darboğaz peninsula: A visit to the Afkule Monastery offers spectacular views of the peninsula, along with small bays where you can stop for a refreshing swim.
•    Darboğaz - Gemile Route: Take your time to explore the Afkule Monastery, drinking in its rich history amid the distant bells of the sheep herds.
•    Ovacık-Faralya Route: Also known as the beginning of the Lycian Road, this is a famous hiking route, known for its gentle ascent, wide track and picturesque scenery

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