Notice On Processing Of Personal Data

Your personal information (such as name and surname, invoice and delivery address, phone number, payment account information, e-mail address and/or social media/messaging account identity, information regarding whether you have any complaint of fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, difficulty in breathing or respiratory system disease, headache and muscle pain as of the date of your entry to HBC, or information regarding other symptoms relating to flu, information regarding country/region which you have been to -including any country/region you left- and/or which you have travelled to -including any country you have stayed for short period or passed transit- within fourteen (14) days prior to the date of entry to HBC, information regarding whether there has been any contact with a person who has been diagnosed Covid-19 within fourteen (14) days prior to the date of entry to HBC), which you shall give to Attaş Alarko Turistik Tesisler A.Ş. (the “COMPANY”) may be processed by the COMPANY within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law no.6698 (the “Law”) and may be used for advertising and promotional purposes by way of e-mail, SMS and direct mail which may be sent to you. By the COMPANY and on behalf of the COMPANY, by our call center, our customer and reservation services or our web sites and social media pages, accommodation certificate or without being limited to these, via all kinds of verbal, written, and electronic channels; your personal and/or sensitive personal data may be recorded, stored, updated, transferred, checked periodically, rearranged, limited, preserved by the COMPANY, or may be processed by other means, within the period and purpose of realizing the personal data processing purposes specified below. The COMPANY may share the personal and/or sensitive personal data (for instance, personal health data) obtained from you, with, or may transfer such data to, when required within the scope of achievement of the purposes defined here, its business partners in Turkey, and its third-party service providers and suppliers which offer data analysis, payment transactions, order processing, customer services, e-mail sending, credit card transactions, supervision/audit, and similar services. A third person, to whom personal data are transferred, shall not use transferred data out of the purposes defined in this notice; shall use such data only in line with the data processing purposes of Attaş Alarko Turistik Tesisler A.Ş. The COMPANY may transfer the personal and/or sensitive personal data obtained from you (for instance health data), to public institutions and organizations and related authorities, within the scope of achievement of the purposes defined here and if requested in accordance with relevant legislation. The COMPANY may use your personal and sensitive personal data, for the following purposes:

Your personal data shall be processed within the scope of the legal reasons of explicit consent defined in the provisions of articles 5 and 6 of the Law, cases where it is explicitly set forth in the laws, entering into and implementing a service contract, establishing, exercising or preserving a right, as the COMPANY, preserving our legitimate interests and fulfilling our legal obligations.

Unless a longer keeping period is required or permitted by laws, we shall keep your personal data during the period required for achievement of the purposes set forth in this notice. Your personal data shall be kept for a period of twenty years at maximum.

Within the framework of the Law, you shall have the right to apply to the COMPANY and (a) to learn whether your personal data are processed, (b) if your personal data are processed, to request information in relation thereto, (c) to learn the purpose of processing your personal data and whether they are used in line with intended purpose of processing, (d) to know the third persons to whom your personal data are disclosed in Turkey and abroad, (e) in case your personal data are processed incompletely or incorrectly, to request correction thereof, (f) to request deletion or destruction of your personal data, (g) to request that the transaction made in accordance with requests set forth in the paragraphs “e” and “f” above, be declared to third persons to whom your personal data are transferred, (h) to object to any outcome which may occur to your disadvantage as a result of analysis of your processed personal data exclusively by automatic systems, (in) in case you sustain any damage due to processing of your personal data illegally, to request indemnification of damages.

Relating to your personal data, regarding the data processing purposes specified above, you may reach communication details and communication choices, you may update them, by using the methods specified below; you may deliver your requests with regards to having access to the personal data you shall provide to the COMPANY, updating, deleting, correcting said data, and your rights defined in the Law, in person to the application address specified below, in written and signed form as defined in the Law and in the Communiqué on Procedures and Principles Regarding Application to the Data Controller, you may send such requests via notary public, may send them to the e-mail address “” by registered electronic mail or secure electronic signature, mobile signature, or to the e-mail address “”, by using the electronic mail address which declared to our COMPANY in advance and which is recorded in our system.

CONTACT ADDRESS: Nisbetiye Caddesi, Ahular Sokak No: 6, Etiler, Beşiktaş, İstanbul.